Scuola Giovanni Grasso 2020

Workshops in acting, lyrical singing and Italian language

Scuola Giovanni Grasso 2020 – Free Online Language Classes and Workshops

Due to the COVID 19 crisis, the artist community has been shaken in an unprecedented way. For this reason, this year’s Scuola Giovanni Grasso has been moved to a series of free online workshops and roundtables to provide help and advice to our community of students, professionals, and emerging artists.

The school also offers free online weekly Italian conversation classes for all performers and performing arts students, every Thursday from 10 to 11:30 AM (EDT).

To enroll in our free workshops and conversation classes, send us an email at

Scuola Giovanni Grasso 2020 – Free Online Workshops Series



Performing Artists Beyond the Stage

Free e-Conference


Sunday, August 02, 2 PM EDT

What lies beyond the stage? Discover a world of career opportunities in and outside the performing arts.

Guest Speakers:

Marco Piana, PhD – University Professor, Project Manager

Arile Lefebvre – Cultural Worker, Tenor

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Own Your Creative Process

Free Workshop


Sunday, July 19, 2 PM EDT

Explore your personal creative process and stimulate your imagination. Think outside the box.


Chiara Cimmino  –  Actor, Director

Valerio Vittorio Garaffa  –  Actor, Director

12 places only

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Play with Arias

Free Workshop


Sunday, July 5, 2 PM EDT

Discover a creative and surprising approach to analyzing arias. Free your mind and widen your performer’s toolbox.


Valerio Vittorio Garaffa  –  Actor, Director

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Own Your Narrative

Free Workshop


Sunday, June 21, 2 PM EDT

Take control over your career development plan and start defining it based on a deeper understanding of yourself. Rethink your biography: what is the story you want to tell?


Rose Naggar Tremblay  –  Mezzo-Soprano, Author

12 places only

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Performing Arts in Times of Crisis

Free e-Conference

Monday, May 25, 2 PM EDT

COVID19 radically changed the panorama of performing arts in the next few years. What are the new challenges and opportunities that young artists will encounter in the near future?

Guest Speakers:

John Mac Master (Tenor)

Valerio Vittorio Garaffa (Actor, Director)

Chiara Cimmino (Actress, Director)

Giancarlo Scalia (Pianist, Composer)

Rose Naggar-Tremblay (Mezzo-Soprano, Author)

Marco Piana (Academic, Administrator)

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Scuola Internazionale di Teatro Italiano “Giovanni Grasso” and The Italian Institute of Culture – Montréal are proud to present “Passioni”, the 2020 Summer Workshop for professional development in the field of Italian language, opera, and the performing arts.

During four weeks of training, 10 – 15 selected students will explore the theme of passion, perfecting the characters and themes of the Italian Opera repertoire. During four weeks of intensive workshops, students will work on some of the most iconic roles of Italian Opera and will bring those character to life on the final show.


The workshop is dedicated to: 

  • students of lyrical singing and professional lyrical singers
  • students of acting and professional actors

Where and when

The school and the workshops will be hosted by the Italian Institute of Culture, located in Downtown Montreal (1200, avenue Dr. Penfield – Montréal, Québec, H3A 1A9). The training will take place from May 25 to June 19, from 9:30 to 16:30, and the final staging will take place Friday, June 19.