Montréal, May 25 – June 19 2020

Rule the scene. Free your body and your voice in a summer workshop dedicated to young Opera and Drama artists.

Scuola Internazionale di Teatro Italiano “Giovanni Grasso” and the Italian Institute of Culture – Montréal are proud to present the 2020 Summer Workshop “Passioni.”

Four weeks of intensive immersion in the world of Italian Opera and theatre. Intensive Italian language, Bel Canto, Performative Diction for Singers, Improvisation, Movement, Basic & Advanced Acting Techniques, Text & Character Analysis with leading Canadian and Italian experts in the world of theatre and music performance.

Find your passion onstage.


Scholarships available.

Deadline: January 31, 2020.


Scuola Internazionale di Teatro Italiano “Giovanni Grasso” is the only school of Italian language and performance in North America.

We offer offering a wide range of advanced classes designed exclusively to improve the performance of singers from every point of view.

Our courses include:

–       Voice masterclasses

–       One-on-one voice coachings

–       Beginners & Advanced Italian, to master Italian language in all its nuances

–       Performative Diction for Singers: a new approach to Italian diction, aimed at developing pronunciation and voice flow to its maximum capability

–       Relationship Acting Method: an acting method created exclusively for Opera singers to increase their stage presence and discover their star power


“Scuola Giovanni Grasso in Montreal was a revealing and relevant experience in my Opera singer journey. The exercises have definitely taken me out of my comfort zone and brought to think of my characters in a more complete way.”

Sarah B.

Opera Singer

“A wonderful choice of voice teachers who are very different in style and approach – which allowed more perspectives. I learned a lot about the meaning of dexterity in theatre and about how it is possible to portray so much emotion and meaning through physicality and intent. Italian diction classes improved my knowledge of proper pronunciation tremendously!! I come from a well-informed background in acting and still managed to gain a lot of new exciting knowledge I can’t wait to incorporate into my own work.

Michal A.

Opera Singer

“I have sung close to 20 operatic roles and worked with many stage directors in the past. Based on this, I feel confident to say that I consider Scuola Giovanni Grasso approach to character building, staging and acting is remarkable, deeply gratifying, and rare to find. You discover the power and freedom that arrives from internalizing and channeling the emotions, text and music. Hence, even the slightest action has a profound motivation. Nothing feels gratuitous or out of place. This renders the acting fluid, organic and at the same time with depth and meaning. I really enjoy working with them and completely agree with their vision of what performing means and requires.”

Jaime S.

Opera Singer

“Absolutely fenomenal vocal coachings.”

Catherine D.

Opera Singer


Ours is the only school of Italian language and performance in North America offering a course of professional training in the field of Italian theater, opera and performing arts.


From May 25 to June 19, 2020 the International School for Italian Theatre “Giovanni Grasso” and the Italian Institute of Culture will hold a Summer Workshop in Acting, lyrical singing and Italian language addressed to 10-15 selected students.


The International School of Italian Theatre can count on a faculty composed of actors, directors and teachers of international experience. Courses offered: acting, improvisation, character analysis and interpretation, lyrical singing, Italian diction, language and culture.