Sovrani - Sovereigns

Workshop 2019 in acting, lyrical singing and Italian language


Scuola Internazionale di Teatro Italiano “Giovanni Grasso” and The Italian Institute of Culture – Montréal presented “Sovrani – Sovereigns”, the 2019 Summer Workshop for professional development in the field of Italian language, opera, and the performing arts.

During four weeks of training, selected students explored the characters, themes, theatrical genres, and language of royalty in Italian Opera and theatre. They worked on some of the most iconic roles of Italian Opera and brought those character to life on the final show.

Where and when

The school and the workshops were hosted by the Italian Institute of Culture, located in Downtown Montreal (1200, avenue Dr. Penfield – Montréal, Québec, H3A 1A9). The training took place from May 27 to June 20, from 9:30 to 17:30, and the final staging took place Thursday, June 20.