Workshop 2017 - Pirandello, 150 years of theatre


Types of admission

There are two types of admission to our courses and workshops:

1) Performance Program (15 positions)

103 hours of intensive workshops in acting, and Italian language and culture at a minimum price, thanks to the contribution of the Institute of Italian Culture – Montreal.

Dedicated to those who already have some experience or have embarked on a career in show business (students of acting, dancing and singing and professional actors, singers, performers). 

To enter this program, applicants must submit their application by May 1, 2017.

2)  Language and Culture Program (5-10 positions)

For those who have a passion for Italian language and culture, but have little of no experience in the field of performance arts.

Participants in the language and culture program are not required to pass any selection, and can take advantage of the 103-hour package at a competitive price. Students enrolled in this curriculum can also choose to take a specific selection of courses and / or workshops at the standard price of the Italian Institute of Culture.

1) Performance Program

The performance program is dedicated to students of acting, dancing and singing and professional actors, singers, performers.

It is worth 103 hours of intensive training in Italian language, culture and diction combined with workshops in movement, improvisation and interpretation.

Being selected in this curriculum allows access to the complete package at a minimum price. Performance students, moreover, will be granted a prominent role in the final show.

Candidate profile

Our ideal candidate:

  • Has completed secondary studies
  • Has a functional knowledge of French or English
  • Has a beginners or intermediate proficiency in Italian, or plans to learn Italian in the upcoming semesters
  • Has undertaken training in performance arts such as acting, voice, and dance
  • Shows artistic inclination and creativity, and a passion for Italian language and culture
  • Is curious and autonomous, open to the world and to other languages and artistic forms

Admission Procedure

In order to be admitted, each candidate must send their application form, a casting picture, and a detailed CV to the following email:

All applications must also be accompanied by two contrasting monologs showing the applicant’s acting abilities.

The video audition can be performed in Italian, French or English, and it can be sent either via YouTube or Vimeo link.

Once accepted, applicants must contact the Italian Cultural Institute in Montreal ( for tuition and fees.

Deadline for the Applications is May 15, 2017.

The selection will be announced shortly after the deadline.

2) Language and Culture Program

Curriculum dedicated to Italian language and culture enthusiasts with no stage experience.

To access this program, it is not necessary to pass a selection. Students enrolled in this curriculum can have access to the package of 103 hours at competitive price or follow any specific course at the standard price provided by the Institute of Italian culture. If their package would also include all drama workshops, members can choose to be in the play, help the director or simply follow the lessons. The roles available, however, will be allocated in priority to students of the performance curriculum.

In order to register for the program, applicants need to contact the Italian Cultural Institute of Montreal ( for enrollment and payment of the registration fee.

Expiration date for applications: June 1, 2017.


With its 103 hours of intensive and professional training with international experts in Italian language and theater, the initial price of the school is CAD $ 1500.

However, thanks to the generous contribution of the Italian Institute of Culture – Montreal, the course will be offered at the following rates:

Language and Culture Program

(103 hours)
CAD $900

Language and Culture Program

Intensive morning package (44 hours)
CAD $400

Language and Culture Program

Basic Package (22 hours)
CAD $240